Creating environments for business growth and human advancement.

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executive/leadership coaching

Executive / Leadership Services

Being a leader is a privilege, one that carries significant responsibility in light of the growing challenges of today’s business environment. Leaders face persistent and competing demands on their time and attention, many uncertainties, greater complexity and unpredictability in their industry environment, the global overlay of technology, diversity, and demographics, and, environmental concerns. Moreover, the old style of command-and-control leadership is now reserved for emergencies, as top talent seeks workplaces focused on purpose, innovation, learning and growth potential, flexibility, and collaboration.

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brand building

Culture Building

Culture building is a challenging initiative in understanding and strengthening your organization. Culture will either make or break your Brand Promise, so it’s important to understand the distinctions and the critical interdependency between them.


Paraphrased from Dr. Brene’ Brown’s newest book – Dare to Lead: The cost of mistrust and disconnection in an organization shows in disengagement, lower productivity, and performance challenges.

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Transitions Coaching (Career, Creative Works & Retirement)

Personal Coaching for Performance Enhancement and Career Transitions:

Sara offers skills in the psychology of human behavior, human motivations, ‘intrapersonal’ and interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence, personal performance development, and health and well-being to her personal coaching clients.

She helps clients explore and define their aspirations, identify their underlying and authentic motivators, and take steps to achieve their highest potential and desired future. She is a compassionate and talented agent for positive habits of change.

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Retreats, Workshops and Training

Workshops and training are tailored to align with your business challenges and goals. Speaking engagements are designed to reinforce your event theme through a specific topic of interest to your audience.

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A sampling of articles, white papers, podcasts, and videos to provide free and quick guidance on topics that matter to you and your business.

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Read what clients have to say on the benefits of working with Sara.

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Buy My Book – Organizational Gravity

A Guide to Strategically Growing Your Company’s Brand, Culture, and Talent

A pragmatic and synergistic approach to creating a competitive advantage to keep your business on a growth trajectory.

Organizational Gravity explores the fundamental elements of business success outside the traditional focus on product or service, sufficient capital, exemplary sales, and technology to grow your business. While those are critical elements to building and growing a business, this book provides an unconventional yet pragmatic approach to create a competitive advantage to keep your business on a growth trajectory. Working with organizations like yours, Tony Kubica and Sara LaForest found that the alignment of strategy, brand, culture, and talent is often missing as businesses work to grow beyond their prior successes and through the inevitable inflection points. In their years of work and achievement in helping leaders grow their business, they have created a compelling model for sustainable growth—Organizational Gravity.

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