Executive / Leadership Services:

Executive teams drive organizational performance. Too often, however, leaders/executive teams are misaligned, lacking effective collaboration, cohesion, and alignment. The result is confusion, competition, and underperformance, as its unhappy employees will quickly tell you. Creating and maintaining a high-functioning leadership team is one of the most imperative and purposeful functions of leadership. How cohesive and resilient is your leadership team?


Is your company performing and growing to its potential and fully using its capabilities?



Partner & Executive Alignment / Team Dynamics:


Executive and management teams need to work together effectively, based on a foundation of focus and collaboration. Yet, unspoken agendas, protected resources, and an inability to successfully resolve conflict still emerge as common obstacles in team performance. Sara can help your team “re-base” through common agreements, greater understanding for improved relationships, and results-oriented practices that lead to increased team engagement, productive communication and meetings, as well as greater accountability. Expect a dynamic, meaningful, interactive process for building your team.


Executive / Leadership Coaching:


If you’re wondering what executive and leadership coaching is and how it can help you and your organization, you are not alone. Coaching is a discovery-and-change process based on a developmental approach (strength based) that uses scientific foundation and evidence-based models in cognitive, emotional, and behavioral practices to help you set and achieve leadership goals that will improve your performance and satisfaction, and will enable those you lead to also thrive. Executive/leadership coaching is highly participatory and personalized by design to address the specific issues relevant to your situation. Working one-on-one with leaders and executives, Sara improves leadership capability while building personal focus and energy as key resources. She is also trained and certified in Hogan Assessment Systems, a global standard in predicting performance and helping companies to identify and grow leaders and high-potential talent.


Organizational Leadership Training and Education Options:


  • Leadership Training  – Leadership development workshops and seminars customized for your business or organization.
  • Managerial / Supervisory Training – Customized training sessions focused on middle management and/or new supervisors to improve managerial effectiveness and supervisory skills and relationships.
  • Internal / Customized Leadership Development Programs – Sara will help you develop a unique program for your organization’s budget and goals.

Succession Planning and Executive Transitions:


Succession Readiness and Planning:

Executives and critical personnel power growth and ensure stability within a company. A successful organization plans ahead for replacing people in key positions when someone leaves the company. One thing is for certain people leave – whether it is planned or in an unexpected exit – failure to plan is costly and painful and will have a damaging impact on business growth and continuity. Sara works with executives and their teams to:

  1. Understand the Succession Process
  2. Identify successor candidates for Replacement and Emergency Planning
  3. Design and implement a Integrated Succession Management Program for your business or organization.

Executive Transitions


Sara works with new executives and those transitioning to higher level roles and responsibilities, and with outgoing executives for Retirement Planning and Life Coaching to make their farewell positive and help position them for their next phase in career and/or personal life.


Visionary / Strategic Growth Planning:


Business leaders are charged with developing a strategic vision for their company, practice, or organization, and for establishing an executable plan to achieve it. Whether it’s your long term strategic plan, your annual work or business plan, or quarterly priorities planning, all elements need to be grounded in a relevant strategic framework and be divided into tactical ownership for collective execution.


Sara guides executive teams through the planning process and masterfully facilitates specific planning events. Then, if your company needs support with implementation, Sara can provide monitoring and oversight to foster focus and accountability.