Culture Building

Paraphrased from Dr. Brene’ Brown – The cost of mistrust and disconnection in an organization shows in disengagement, lower productivity, and performance challenges.


Is your company’s culture positive, productive and resilient?


Culture building is a challenging initiative in understanding and strengthening your organization. Culture will either make or break your Brand Promise, so it’s important to understand the distinctions and the critical interdependency between them.


Culture is ‘how work gets done’ to deliver on your brand promise. Poor culture results in a broken brand promise – underperforming service or product, dissatisfied and departing customers, and unhappy, disengaged employees.


Intentional culture building will help you to attract and retain top talent, improve performance, build durability and drive profitability.


Culture Building will benefit your company if it is:

  1. Beginning or struggling through the M&A process and you need help with the complex dynamics at play. (Remember, M&A integrations fail at about the same rate as marriages.),
  2. A new or young company needing help with establishing its cultural foundation,
  3. A mature organization that needs to renew its culture due to internal challenges or emerging concerns with customer experience,
  4. In a recent M&A that’s not performing to your expectations and at risk to loosing key talent and customers.


Culture is what makes strategy work, delivers on your brand promise, makes your vision possible, and keeps your customers (both internal and external) happy and loyal.


Sara works with executives and their senior teams to create a compelling Mission, Vision and Values framework to set the foundation for organizational alignment, then embed it through staff engagement and accountability.