Private coaching with Sara (in-person, virtually, or through a combination of both) provides experienced guidance in identifying actions to move you forward. In Sara, you will have someone who is sincerely pulling for your success and who will bolster your confidence in in pursuing the combined goals of accountability and growth outside your comfort zone.


The outcome is clients with greater optimism, who claim and leverage their strengths, move through fears into opportunities, reduce frustrations and distractions, better manage stress in their lives, build stronger and more positive and meaningful relationships, and energize focus for action steps that move them closer to where they want to be.


Clients will learn to increase stress resistance (stress reduction and resiliency); heighten self-awareness and emotional intelligence skills, improve social awareness, develop habits in poise and presence, improve confidence, and develop physical and mental habits for better energy, health, satisfaction, and wellbeing.


Why Be Coached by Sara?
Are you facing challenges issues, life transitions, or perhaps feeling like a boat with no ruder being tossed about at sea? Perhaps you feel a deep calling to what’s most important and an important goal, yet you are not sure what to do to get started and move forward.


Coaching is a potent and highly supportive developmental approach for change. Sara’s coaching is rooted in best practices from a scientific/evidence-based foundation, including the Institute for Coaching – A Harvard Affiliate and WellCoaches®, which are based in positive psychology, human behavior, and holistic practices for life satisfaction.


Personal coaching terms include one-month, three-month and six-month terms, based on the needs and goals of the client.


The most effective coaching format is weekly and bi-monthly sessions, either in person, virtually (phone or video conferencing), or a combination of both based on location. In addition, “just-in-time” telephone and email support are always available during standards business hours during the term of your coaching.


**A premier option is the Coaching Intensive an in-person, multi-day (retreat style), highly customized creative environment focused on developing a personal plan that aligns your values, goals and aspirations, leverages your strengths, and identifies and fosters conditions for change and growth that will get you living the life experiences you desire now versus “someday” in the future.

Sara provided me coaching and editing on a presentation that I created for a high-stakes job interview. Being in a career transition over the age of 50, Sara’s guidance was critical. Even after two other professional colleagues provided feedback, Sara’s input provided valuable insight and detail that made all the difference. In addition, she provided interviewing prep coaching. As a result, my presentation and interview were a great success. Sara is masterful in her work – her coaching and training are her passion, and a natural gift that she shares with so many.”

– Amy Gleason, M.A.
Owner, Instructor ESL Sacramento


Your work with the Hogan Assessments provided a powerful structure by which we could safely and effectively explore our retrospective strengths and weaknesses. Unlike other personality tests we have taken (i.e., the MBTI and DISC) the Hogan focuses specifically on our tendencies and implications for the success of our partnership and our business. Tony and Sara’s coaching and interpretive work was powerful, insightful and has created a new awareness for us.”

-Kelly M. Bowen and Melissa A. Jefferson,
Founding Partners, Inside Lead Counseling and Consulting Colorado


A quick update on how thing’s have been since you were so helpful in my post-graduate career decisions. I have been in San Francisco for nearly a year now working in Supply Chain Operations with a worldwide leading supplier of software for IT management. I picked up the job quickly and I’m leveraging this to get a promotion. I thought of you because we recently have a new Executive leading the Worldwide Operations group who has identified cultural change as a priority moving forward. I was selected as one of the 8 team members assigned to drive this culture change across the group (1200+ employees) and I’m sure I’ll be utilizing some of the lessons you taught me.”

-Ryan B.,
San Francisco, CA